reproduction de peinture
"Since 1995, the Isabel® Art Gallery offers a chance for art lovers to own
the works of their dreams. These reproductions are said to be
indistinguishable from the originals".

~ Magellan-McKinley's review ~

E. L. - (Alma-Tadema - "Expectations", ref. OM1088)
"I've received the painting of Alma-Tadema. I am plenty satisfied and I am looking forward to purchasing more oil paintings from you in the future.".
P. F. - (Renoir - "The Lunch at the Boating Party", ref. OM329)
"The painting is indeed wonderful. Thank you very much for your help and please thank the artist whose talent and effort created the painting for me.".
T. T. - (Gauguin - "When will you Marry ?", ref. OM337)
"Ia ora na. I received the painting. I like it very much. I will take it straight to the framer. I still thank you for all. Mauruuru roa (Thank you very much)".
F. M. - (Van Gogh - "La Nuit Etoilée", ref. OM311)
"Thank you for your quick execution. I will recommend your service to my friends".
S. A. - (Botticelli - "Venus", ref. OM626)
"I received the painting yesterday morning and it's wonderful. The workmanship and quality is excellent. It's currently being framed, so I'm anxiously awaiting it's completion. Thank you very much for the painting".
D. J. - (Van Gogh - "Sunflowers", ref. OM306)
"I received the painting a few weeks ago and recently had it framed. The Sunflowers painting is a nice addition to my living room wall. I compared the painting to Van Gogh's original in an art book and I found it very close in detail. Thank you very much".
P. C. - (Renoir - "Gabrielle and Jean", ref. OM683)
"This is just an email to tell you that I received the painting, Gabrielle and Jean today. I am pleased. Thank you".
P. L. - (Manet - "Le Chemin de Fer", ref. OM405)
"Took delivery of my painting. I'm very satisfied".
L. P. - (Van Gogh - "La Sieste", ref. RT60)
"We received the painting, and we congratulate you for your work and the beauty on your site".
B. V. - (Van Gogh - "Church at Auvers", ref. OM305)
"I've just received the painting. It is really very nice. At the moment it is waiting for the frame, it should be ready next week, I will send you a digital photo when it will be ready".
L. D. - (Botticelli - "Fresco", ref. RT179)
"We received our order about a week ago. It was received in good shape. We think the painting is very beautiful, and wish to congratulate you and the artist in the reproduction. If possible, please let us know the artist's name, and please thank them from us for the very beautiful work. We will enjoy the painting for many years".
E. C. - (Van Gogh - "Starry Night", ref. OM311)
"My painting arrived last week. I am enchanted with what your artist has done! My copy of Starry Night will be a welcomed addition to my home. The canvas is being framed at a local art shop. Again, I adore my new "treasure" and look forward to future purchases!".
D. M. - (Renoir - "Dance at the Mill", ref. RT91)
"Our painting arrived and I am thrilled with it. Please give my compliments to your artists. I am so pleased, may order another painting from you. I need to look at your web site to see if you offer it. Thank you again".
E. T. - (Modigliani - "Woman with Child", ref. RT42)
"On Friday my wife and I received your gallery's reproduction of Modigliani's "Woman with Child". We were both thoroughly impressed. You and your people do wonderful work! We immediately brought the painting to our local frame shop and we look forward to the day when we can hang it in our home! Keep up the great work. I have already recommended your service to several of our friends (and I will continue to do so)! Thank you for a job well done".
L. P. - (Alma-Tadema - "Ask Me No More", ref. OM461)
"I've received the painting and it is very very nice. I'm very satisfied with the quality. Thank you again".
A. L. - (Van Gogh - "Starry Night", ref. OM311)
"We recently received our Van Gogh imitation of Starry Night. We're very happy with Starry Night. It was done really well. Thank you for the quality work. We're looking forward to purchasing more paintings from you in the near future".
J. H. - (Renoir - "The Lunch at the Boating Party", ref. OM329)
"Thank you for your prompt service. The painting arrived in good shape and on time. The quality is superb and the painting is appropriately priced. I will be doing business with you again soon".
J. G. - (Modigliani - "Nude Lied Down", ref. RT27)
"Received painting today. I'm very happy with the quality of the painting. It was worth the wait".
G. D. - (Renoir - "Dance in a Town", ref. OM437)
"Received my painting last evening. My wife loved it. Took it straight to the framer. Hope to have it up on Christmas Eve. You do great work. Thanks".
R. L. - (Renoir - "Young Girl Reading", ref. OM655)
"The painting has arrived safely. As I have been told it was a great success. It is very beautiful and resembles the original almost perfectly. I wanted to thank you for your service. It was a pleasure to do business with you and I am looking forward to do business with you again".
P. B. - (Van Gogh - "Starry Night", ref. OM311)
"I received my painting of Starry Night and was quite impressed with the attention taken to detail. The proportions and brush strokes are extremely accurate, and I am impressed with the talented artist that undertook this painting. Thank you very much".
B. B. - (Van Gogh - "Starry Night", ref. OM311 - Michelangelo "The Creation of Man", ref. #)
"Thank you so much for our recent order. It just came in yesterday & all 3 paintings are exquisite".
J. G. - (Van Gogh - "Starry Night", ref. OM311)
"I recieved the package this morning. Thanks so much, the painting looks great".
L. Z. - (Renoir - "Young Margot Berard", ref. OM645)
"I want to extend my sincere thanks regarding my recent purchase of Little Margot Berard. The painting is superb and my husband was thrilled with his Christmas present! We have been looking for this painting for the past 5 years".
M. R. - (Van Gogh - "Thatch at Montcel", ref. OM580)
"I just received my painting today and I am happy with it".
M. F. - (Renoir - "Bather Spleeping", ref. OM687)
"The painting is great".
C. C. - (Van Gogh - "Irises", ref. OM313)
"We are very happy with Van Gogh's "Irises" that we purchased from you several years ago. We would like to inquire on the availability and price for another Van Gogh painting that we do not see on your web site".

A. C. - (Van Gogh - "Sunflowers", ref. OM553) - (Van Gogh - "Thatch at Montcel", ref. OM580)
"I received the two paintings by Van Gogh. They are very beautiful. I am very satisfied. Thank you very much, I will certainly place another order soon".
M. A. - (Van Gogh - "Starry Night", ref. OM311)
"I received my order for "Starry Night" and am very happy with it. Thank you for your fine product and service".
T. P. - (Renoir - "Wave", ref. OM652)
"It is definitely BEAUTIFUL! Thank you very much!".
P. S. - (Van Gogh - "Wheatfield With Crows", ref. OM540)
"I have received my painting "Wheatfield With Crows" and I am very pleased with it. I shall be happy to business with you again in the future".
S. J. - (Van Gogh - "Sunflowers", ref. OM553)
"I have received my painting about a week ago. I am delighted with the results and I am looking forward to having it framed this weekend. You had packed it very well, it arrived in perfect condition. Thank you".
M. F. - (Renoir - "Little Girl with Watering Can", ref. RT119)
"We received our reproduction of Renoir's "Little Girl With a Watering Can" and my wife was very pleased with the quality and attention to detail. I'm sure we'll be ordering more reproductions in the future. Thank you very much".
V. M. - (Van Gogh - "Dr Paul Gachet", ref. OM593)
"I've received the painting and I would like to congratulate you for the first class work".
M. K. - (Gauguin - "When you will you Marry?", ref. OM337)
"I received my two paitings today... quite satisfied and will be ordering one more on behalf of a close friend very soon, thanks again".
T. S. - (Van Gogh - "Irises", ref. OM313)
"My painting is very very very nice and very very very beautiful. I love it! Thank you very much! I will be ordering more paintings from you. I look forward to purchasing Van Gogh's "Wheatfield with Crows". Congratulations on your excellent artist. The painter is very talented!".
H. P. - (Van Gogh - "Peach Tree in Flower", ref. RTP58)
"My painting was received Monday and is very nice. Please extend my compliments to the artist. The painting is destined to occupy a place of honor in our home. Your work and your services are appreciated. Thanks, very much, and a merry Christmas to you".
L. F. - (Renoir - "On the Terrace", ref. OM449)
"Just to inform you that the painting arrived and that I am extremely impressed! My compliments to your artists who did an outstanding job. The shop where I am having it framed was also very impressed. They spent some time comparing it to a Renoir print in their store and could not believe your attention to detail".
J. L. - (Renoir - "At the Piano", ref. OM327)
"I have received the painting and I am very pleased. I have given it as a present to a very dear friend of mine and she is delighted with it. Thank you very much for your service".
L. B. - (Renoir - "The Seine at Asnières", ref. RT52)
"I received the oil reproductions today. They look great. Thank you!".
Y. P. - (Turner - "The Fighting Temeraire", ref. OM350)
"I am writing today to thank you very much for your excellent service. Needless to say I am delighted with the painting! Please do keep me informed of any future promotions you may have".
P. B. - (Van Gogh - "Starry Night", ref. OM311)
"I am the Patrick B. who bought the "Starry Night" in 1999. It hangs above my living room fireplace to this day, and my wife loves it ("Sunflowers" is her Christmas present this year)! Again, thank you for your fantastic customer service. I look forward to hanging my 2nd Isabel Gallery masterpiece!"
C. S. - (Van Gogh - "Skull with Cigarette", ref. OM595)
"I received the painting before Christmas and it is fantastic! Thank you so much for you help and communication. I look forward to doing more work with you in the new year. Happy New Year !".
P. B. - (Van Gogh - "Sunflowers", ref. OM306)
"Thanks again for the painting. It looks fantastic! Once again, you've outdone yourself.".
I. P. - (Van Gogh - "Starry Night", ref. OM311)
"I have received the painting in excellent condition and it was delivered when promised. This was a gift for my wife and she is thrilled! The quality is excellent and the service could not have been better. I will be purchasing additional paintings from you in the future".
C. B. - (Alma-Tadema - "The Favourite Poet", ref. OM1161)
"I received the painting and I'm very satisfied. Wait for my new order soon. Thank you".

R. C. - (Boucher - "Diana Resting After her Bath", ref. RT90) - (Kroyer - "Summer Night on the Beach", ref. RTP46)
"All paintings arrived in good condition. Quality is great and we look forward to further business".
P. B. - (Bosch - "The Conjuror", ref. RT207)
"The Conjuror is very nice. Thank you".
T. H. - (Bosch - "The Swing", ref. RTP48)
"Good Day! I purchased Fragonard's The Swing from you a few years ago and just love it".
V. G. - (Van Gogh - "Self-Portrait with Straw Hat", ref. #)
"I received the oil painting "Self-Portrait with Straw Hat". I am completely delighted with the result. Thank you very much".
N. D. - (Van Gogh - "Wheat Fields under Clouded Sky", ref. #)
"I received the oil painting a couple of days ago. It is wonderful. I took it in yesterday to my framer. I can't wait to see the finished product. Thanks again".
M. J. - (Renoir - "The Bridge", ref. #)
"I have received my order "Le Pont Neuf" painting. It is very nice. I am having it framed and the shop keeper who has been in business 19 years told me it is very nice. I will let you know how it comes out. Thank you".
J. A. - (Greuze - "Count Stroganov as a Child", ref. #)
"Words cannot express my joy in receiving my reproduction oil painting on linen canvas of "Count Stroganov as a Child". After looking for this picture for over a year, I finally received it on Nov 28th. Your artist did an outstanding job. The different hues in the child's face and the detail is remarkable. I have already had it framed and it hangs proudly in my room with a picture light. I still cannot believe that it is there sometimes. Thank you once again for your help in finding this treasure and I look forward to working with you again in the future!!"
C. H. - (Girodet-Trioson - "Scene from a Deluge", ref. #)
"I have since had the painting (Scene from a Deluge) framed and it is now hanging in my home. I wanted to let you know how thrilled and happy my wife is with it. The painting is beautiful. Your company did first class work and I will use your services again in the future".
M. R. - (Van Gogh - "Enclosed Field", ref. #)
"Dad received the painting today and was very pleased. Thanks for all your help and good luck".
J. O. - (Friedrich - "Morning", ref. #)
"The painting is very nice, I am impressed by the work you do".
R. F. - (Manet - "Still Life with Brioche, 1880", ref. #)
"I got the painting today and it is beautiful. Thank you for your efforts on my behalf".
J. T. - (Laguerre - "The Duke of Marlborough at the Battle of Blenheim" ref. #)
"The painting arrived a couple of weeks ago and has just come back from the framers. It is a magnificent work of art and I am very pleased with the way it turned out. Please pass on my thanks to the painter. I shall have to find another one for you to do in due course!".
P. N. - (Renoir - "Young Girl with a Bouquet of Tulips", ref. #)
"Thank you, I received the painting today and it is excellent. I will be in touch regarding another soon".
K. C. - (Waldmuller - "The Happy Family", ref. #)
"The painting arrived in excellent condition yesterday, December 21. Please thank the artist who worked on this piece for me. I am very, very pleased. I especially thank you for being timely, and keeping me posted on the progress of this painting, as well as giving me the tracking number. I followed its trip to Utah daily! Again, thank you, and best wishes for the Christmas Season and New Year".
J. B. - (Sisley - "Snow Effect" ref. #)
"The Sisley painting arrived today, and as always, I absolutely love it! Thank you so much for reproducing this work of art for me to enjoy in my home. Please thank your artist for his excellent work! I hope you can add this painting to your website for others to enjoy. It is a stunning work of light and an otherwise less than colorful season, that being winter. Thank you again for the wonderful Sisley painting".
S. C. - (Degas - "Woman in her Bath" ref. #)
"The painting was finally delivered. It looks good. I will take it to be framed this weekend. Thanks for all your assistance. I'll be back regarding future works".